Time Has Come



Produced by Wayne Proctor (King King, Aynsley Lister) and mastered by Jon Astley (The Who, Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin). Released Spring 2016 on Manhaton Records.

“Nothing short of a triumph. Ben says that for this outing he wanted to get a balance between his performance playing and studio work, and he’s confident that it’s been achieved. We agree wholeheartedly and this album exudes class and prowess throughout. His wide musical tastes and influences mean we get rock, pop and soul elevating it above most blues-based albums around today. Ben is playing his heart out and his vocals never sounded better. The material is strong, from the riffy Lying To Me to the gentler strains of You’ve Changed, but it’s the variety of styles that makes this so good. Guitarists Henrik Freischlader and Todd Sharpville make guest appearances but one of the best moments is the play-off between Ben and Aynsley Lister at the end of I Think I Love You Too Much. There’s just under 50 minutes of pure bliss here, so don’t miss it!” – 5/5 ★ Album Of The Month – Guitar Techniques Magazine