Let’s Go Upstairs ***SOLD OUT***


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Produced by Ike Nossel (Jeff Beck, Dana Gillespie, Tina Turner, Robin Trower, Def Leppard, Roger Daltry) the self-released debut album by Ben Poole features 7 originals, 2 co-writes with producer Ike, and 3 covers including the Otis Redding/Steve Cropper song Mr Pitiful and the Anne Peables original I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down. Released 2012.

“This album clearly establishes Ben as one of the gifted young blues rock guitarists to come from the UK, but what clearly sets Ben apart from the rest of them is the maturity and rapid growth in his songwriting skills that are clearly displayed on this new album. To sum it up, this is simply a phenomenal debut album that leaves you wanting more of this talented players output. It’s filled with some great songwriting and superb playing, and should be on everyone’s playlist who can appreciate blues rock for more than simply an excuse to shred on the guitar.”Blues Rock Review (USA)